Monday, June 27, 2005

Day of rest

Now, I see why God instituted the Sabbath, not as a break our backs law-keeping measure, but so we don't wear ourselves to thin. Actually, He said that when He said " I made the Sabbath for man, not man for the Sabbath." I think the All-knowing knew we had a tendency to work ourselves to death. That's why it is called a day of rest.

Well, I'm good at proving Him right. I have been working my self to the bone. We, Erica and I (or should I say mostly I), have a tendency to be packratish. Well its gotten to an insane level, so we have been going through and purging the house. There is a lot of work and its wearing on me a bit. Usually, I try to have a Sunday day of rest, and its proving to be a blessing. Its a refresher. I've been doing it for two years, but I've never really apreciated it until now. All that constant go-go-go is contrasted against that still peace.

God sure is smart.

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